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International Economic Relations, with a specialization International Business

Zdjęcie Międzynarodowe stosunki gospodarcze, specjalność international business
Academic year: 2017/2018

Faculty of Economics

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Each programme is composed of strong core and major subjects and an interesting range of electives. It deepens the knowledge in the most specific areas of international relations, such as:

- international finance,

- corporate finance,

- marketing simulation,

- portfolio management,

- transportation and international logistics,

- mergers and acquisitions,

- international human resource management,

- cultural communication in business,

- globalisation and regionalisation, etc.



Our programmes address different issues of international finance, marketing and trade, logistics, globalisation and intercultural approaches to international business. Students are encouraged to prepare their MA thesis in accordance with their particular interests. The tuition methods in Master Degree Programmes include traditional lectures both by outstanding University professors and company practitioners, seminars, case study analysis, buzz groups and individual supervision for students’ thesis. The full-time programmes give students the latest theoretical knowledge of contemporary business environment. The Faculty of Economics offers more than 200 opportunities to go to universities in 25 different countries each year.



International Business studies are one of a kind and give their participants access to exceptional knowledge and expertise about strategic and global business management, marketing, financial issues as well as specific insights into business system. Thus, these programmes offer students comprehensive understanding of the complexities in the field of international business. The programme prepares the students for challenging positions in various areas of international management, finance or research in different countries of the world.


Acceptance criteria

Degree diploma grade – maximum 100 points.

Graduates of all courses of study at tertiary-level institutions can apply.

A minimum of 30 students is required for this course of study to take place.

Student place limits


general student place limit*: 30




End of registration: 
10 Jul

Announcement of the list of candidates: 
12 Jul

Announcement of list of successful candidates: 
20 Jul

Where to submit documents after the list of candidates has been announced

from 28th of June
10:00-15:00 (Mon.-Sat.)
Faculty of Economics
ul. Armii Krajowej 119/121, room 1
81-824 Sopot
see on a detailed map
+48 58 523 11 12, +48 58 523 11 15

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