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Between 25─27 May 2017, athletes from the University of Gdańsk’s Academic Sports Association competed in the Polish Academic Championships in Lodz. The women’s team won bronze in the university ranking while the men’s team took sixth place in the same category.

Individual medals (in the university ranking) were won by:

The AZS University of Gdańsk’s volleyball team made an excellent appearance, winning the title of Vice-Champions of Poland

The finals of the Men’s Polish Academic Volleyball Championships were held in Opole between 4 -7 May 2017. The AZS University of Gdańsk’s volleyball team made an excellent appearance, winning the title of Vice-Champions of Poland. Apart from that, coach Edward Pawlun’s team won gold medals in the university ranking.


Between 8─12 April 2017 Elbląg witnessed the preliminary round of the UEFA Futsal Cup. The Polish national team with two players from the AZS UG (the University of Gdańsk’s Academic Sports Association) came third and will go on to play for promotion and relegation for the EURO 2018. The AZS UG players ─ Wojciech Pawicki (employee of the UG’s Physical Education and Sports Section and the AZS UG) and Tomasz Kriezel (UG student) played in all three matches of the round.


The AZS of the University of Gdańsk reached the finals of the Men’s Futsal Academic Championships of Poland, held in Katowice, where they only just lost to the University of Warsaw 0:1. Tomasz Kriezel from the AZS UG was chosen best player of the event.  

The AZS UG team comprised: Rafalski, Pytka, Kriezel, Olszewski, Cyman, Osiński, Urtnowski, Horbacz, Pawicki, Kreft.

sara piasecka

The DN Ice Yachting World Championships and European Championships were held between 13 and 17 February 2017. Sara Piasecka, student of the UG’s Faculty of Economics, achieved great success in the competition held in Żnin (Poland), winning the title of World Junior Vice-Champion.

In the current season, 2016/2017, Sara Piasecka has also achieved other successes:

─ Champion of Europe

─ Champion of Poland in the Senior and Junior category.

Photo: Robert Hajduk 


Bartosz Świniarski

Between 7 and 9 October 2016 the Junior and Senior Polish Powerlifting Championships were held in Warsaw, where a member of the UG’s Academic Sports Association (AZS), Bartosz Świniarski, had the chance to demonstrate his excellent physical condition. The student of the UG’s Faculty of Law and Administration won a bronze medal at the Junior Polish Powerlifting Championships in the 93 kg weight category. Details of the results achieved by Bartosz Świniarski in the Polish Championships are as follows:


The University of Gdańsk scored highly (95-53) against the Technical University. The UG finished the first quarter 13 points ahead. At the very beginning of the game coach Włodzimierz Augustynowicz’s team was down 0-4, only to dominate their opponents totally at a later stage of the game. From then on, it only got better. Ten minutes later they were in a clear lead. The Technical University struggled with problems in both attack and defence. Before the break, the UG team were leading 50-26.

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