Vaccination against COVID-19

Vaccination against COVID-19

If you hold PESEL number

Once your age group becomes eligible, you automatically get doctor’s referral, which allows you to book a vaccination appointment. You can book an appointment in 3 ways:

METHOD I: Registration via SMS

  1. Send SMS saying: SzczepimySie to the number 880 333 333 or 664 908 556
  2. You’ll receive SMS asking about your PESEL
  3. Reply and give your PESEL
  4. You’ll receive SMS asking about your postal code in Poland
  5. Reply and give your postal code in Poland
  6. You’ll receive information about first available date, place and time of vaccination
  7. If you accept the place, date and time, reply saying: TAK
  8. You’ll receive the confirmation of place, date and time of vaccination


METHOD II: via the helpline

Call 989 and schedule the vaccination appointment


METOD III via phone or email

Call or email the vaccination point directly, e.g.:


If you don’t hold PESEL number:

  1. Contact a general practice doctor who can issue an e-referral for vaccination. When filling in the electronic referral form, the doctor should enter your passport number or your ID card number instead of a PESEL number (in the “patient’s data” field). Remember to bring the relevant document to your vaccination appointment.
  2. Schedule the vaccination appointment (you can use method I, II or III)


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