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2018, February 19 - 2:06pm

All persons other than those mentioned in Article 43, paragraph 2 (you can check who is mentioned in this Article here) of the Law concerning Higher Education can be admitted at the Rector’s discretion.  Complete documentation, along with the opinion of the doctoral studies director, must be submitted to the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, who is empowered by the Rector to come to a decision in this matter.

Further, persons who have Polish citizenship and are applying for a grant from the Polish Government must submit their documents to the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs. They are not subject to the deadlines given in Appendix 2 to the resolution of the Senate of the University of Gdańsk relating to admission of candidates for third-cycle full-time and part-time studies (doctoral studies) at the University of Gdańsk which are valid for the appropriate academic year.

Conditions of acceptance:

  1. As recipients of Polish grants (Polish Government Grant awarded by the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange (Biuro Uznawalności Wykształcenia i Wymiany Międzynarodowej) - http://www.buwiwm.edu.pl, adres e-mail: biuro@buwiwm.edu.pl.
  2. As fee paying students (fees in accordance with the ordinance of the Rector of the University of Gdańsk relating to fees for studies and educational services offered by the University of Gdansk to foreigners accepted to studies on the basis of the Rector’s decision - http://arch.ug.edu.pl/pl/dz_org/prawo/?akcja=pokaz_dane&id=2716).
  3. Exempt from fees and not receiving any grants.
  4. As recipients of grants from non-Polish bodies without being liable to fees for tuition.
  5. As recipients of University of Gdańsk grants.