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International Holidays in the Tri-city with AIESEC | University of Gdańsk | Uniwersytet Gdański

International Holidays in the Tri-city with AIESEC

Spending your holiday in the Tri-City? That’s great because summer recruitment for AIESEC, the international student organisation , has just begun!

What does AIESEC have to offer? Amongst other things, you can take part in the Future Leaders programme for members which gives you the chance to develop in the following areas:

Social Entrepreneur – this programme is all about leading international social and educational projects. It allows you to develop Human Resources and social awareness skills, for instance, and also  lets you meet people from other countries.

Business Sales – allows you to acquire skillsin negotiation, sales and self-presentation. Participants in the programme are in constant contact with the local business scene and learn in practice what social responsibility in business means.   

Marketing – allows you to gain experience and to develop in the fields of marketing and Public Relations. For those working in marketing, it is a chance to learn the basics and to do their own promotional campaigns or to get in touch with local media.

Which of the programmesyou want to develop in depends on you. The divisions between them areflexible and there’s nothing to stop you testing your strengths in all of them.

Knowledge and skills are not the only things that you’ll find in AIESEC. Thanks to Future Leaders, you’ll have the chance to meet hundreds of people, and not only from Poland! Dozens of young people from the most exotic corners of the world come to this country every year. We have also lined up national and international conferences, lots of inspiring and interesting training sessions, and along with them – new people and new friendships. AIESEC also means foreign language learning, increased social awareness and cultural sensitivity and honing skills such as time management and project- and team-work.

More information on the Future Leaders programme can be found at www.aiesec.pl/futureleaders and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aiesec.ug

You don’t have to be a University of Gdańsk student to join us. The organization is open to people from all institutions and faculties.


Translation: Magda Moran and Sean Moran
International Holidays in the Tri-city with AIESECInternational Holidays in the Tri-city with AIESEC
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