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Gdańsk Chemists join forces!

Gdańsk Chemists join forces!

On 9 July Gdańsk’s two largest academic institutions will be signing an agreement on the creation of a scientific consortium under the name of Gdańska Chemia Akademicka (Gdańsk Academic Chemistry) which will consist of the Faculties of Chemistry from both Gdańsk University of Technology and the University of Gdańsk.

The aim of this new inter-university initiative is to strengthen cooperation between Gdańsk chemists on the development of priority research directions, vital for the economy and society, especially in the application of the successes in chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology towards protecting human health and environment, as well as in material engineering.

The consortium’s aim is to encourage the formation of interdisciplinary research teams made up of scientists from both institutions, whose research will receive funding from national and international sources. Ultimately, both institutions’ Faculties of Chemistry plan to merge their doctoral studies into one inter-university interdisciplinary PhD centre. As a result of this cooperation, it will be the only such institution in Poland to offer scientific degrees in all branches of the chemical sciences i.e. chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, environmental protection and chemical technology. Additionally, the studies will boast an international character thanks to a rich selection of lectures by visiting foreign professors, invited by both faculties, as well as an integrated programme of doctoral exchange with international research centres.

Gdańsk chemists will also strive to obtain the status of a Leading National Research Centre. The consortium will coordinate joint activities aimed at obtaining research grants, research and development grants or investment grants from national or international sources. The scheme will also work out procedures for the effective use of the infrastructure of both faculties in joint research projects. One of the Gdańsk chemists’ main priorities is to stimulate the development of young research staff through activities which will promote research projects, international mobility and scientific advancement in both institutions.

The consortium will also ensure improved and more effective promotion and dissemination of the results of these joint scientific and research projects in Poland and abroad.


Translation: Magda Moran and Sean Moran

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