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The Polish Journal of Criminology

The registration process is now coming to an end for a new journal on the Polish market - The Polish Journal of  Criminology, published by the UG’s Faculty of Law and Administration together with the Index Copernicus.

The Polish Journal of Criminology recognises criminology as a metascience encompassing different cuurents of research. It covers issues related to deviant behaviour, above all criminality. It concentrates on causes, their phenomenology and also methods to combat pathological occurences. It will also find room for the publication of empirical research data on criminality and forensic medicine

We are mainly interested in the issues of penal philosophy and sociology and crime prevention, especially in a legal-comparative context with relevance to previous research and the current activities of paneuropean and international organisations and institutions. We also talk about the criminals themselves, about their victims, and ways to cope with problems arising from criminal behaviour. We are interested in the problematics of remedial justice, the social context of criminality, crime prevention within local communites, as well as politico-criminal and penological issues. Personality psychology, deviation and judicial psychiatry are also major areas of interest.

In our journal we will also allow space for the dogmatics of law, especially penal – substantive, procedural and executive. Authors will be expected to present a view of the practical application of penal institutions and their influence on criminal behaviour, says Prof. UG Dr hab. Wojciech Zalewski, editor-in-chief of The Polish Journal of Criminology.

We encourage all those interested to take an active part in the creation of The Polish Journal of Criminology. We particularly invite authors interested in writing for the journal and academics who might assist the editorial board in the reviewing process.

More information on the journal’s web-page: www.pjoc.pl


Translation: Magda Moran and Sean Moran

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