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Discharged from the Seal Sanctuary

On 27th June 2015, the last two grey seals which were given treatment and physiotherapy in the seal sanctuary of the Maritime Station this year returned to the Baltic. Thanks to special satellite transmitters, scientists will be able to follow their movements and add to their knowledge of young seals’ habitat and behaviour preferences in their natural environment. This information should then assist state institutions in managing the protection of aquatic mammals in this country, and also as part of agreements with other Baltic countries.

Fitting the seals with satellite transmitters was possible due to support from donations from the WWF Polska foundation and the LOTOS Group.

‘Piachu’ was found at a place called Piaski on the Vistula sandbars on 13th April 2015. The lack of lanugo indicated that the seal was at least three weeks old. Despite this, he was very small and thin. Apart from weakness and infection, he was in serious danger from a virus. His state of health was extremely critical. Thanks to the efforts of the sanctuary team and vets, his life was saved. He spent almost two months in a hospital box. Now he is going back to sea completely recovered.

‘Chałupka’ was picked up from a beach on the Chałupy peninsula. Some days earlier she had been observed in the Ostrowo and Karwia region by volunteers of the WWF’s blue patrol and staff of the Maritime Station. When a large, serious wound was noticed on her rear right fin, the decision was taken to move her to the Maritime Station hospital. The wound was indeed serious and at the beginning of the treatment, theprognosis was doubtful. Later her state of health improved rapidly. She spent 33 days in hospital and 57 days in total at the sanctuary. One distinguishing feature, although only noticeable up close, is a small piece of missing skin on the upper lip.

These and other seals can be followed at: http://wedrowkifok.wwf.pl/.


‘Piachu’: weight on release -32.9 kg. Colour of transmitter and trail on map - white. Type and number of transmitter - SPOT 14S0840. Number of microchip – 0007151975

‘Chałupka’: weight on release - 43kg. Colour of transmitter and trail on map - pink. Type and number of transmitter - SPOT 14S0842. Number of microchip – 0007150E76

Translation: Magda Moran and Sean Moran

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