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Congress on the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary of Economics in Sopot

Congress on the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary of Economics in Sopot

The Graduate Association of the School of Maritime Trade (WSHM), the School of Economics and the University of Gdańsk’s Departments of Economics is at the forefront of preparationsfor the graduate congress to mark the 70th anniversary of the WSHM next year. The preparations are being made with the support of the authorities of the UG’s Economics and Management departments, as well as student academic groups.

In late October there will be the next meeting between the management of the Graduate Association andtutors of academic groups from the Departments of Economics and Management with a view to agreeing on the details for mutual cooperation in planning the congress and for  involving students in the project being prepared by the Graduate Association.

In line with preliminary arrangements, the academic groups will be involved in producing material gathered by the society as part of its function. This is to provide the momentum towards creating permanent  contacts between the Graduate Association and UG employees and prominent students. Moreover, during the congress itself, due to take place in June 2016, workshops will be organised by the academic groups as a perfect opportunity to demonstrate their achievements andoptions for cooperating with thebusiness world.

The student groups will be responsible for inviting their graduates i.e. ex-members and heads of the groups and founders now active in business, who are living embodiments of the success attainable thanks to completing studies at the UG in Sopot.

After the official part, there will be time for a panel discussion on the subject: “What do would-be graduates expect from the Graduate Association?”. The panel will comprise representatives of the Student Council , academic groups and research employees/tutors of the academic groups.

“We hope that the panel will provide an excellent opportunity for working out a way in which the Graduate Association can function to attract the attention of current graduates and for allowing us a chance to exchange our experiences”, stated Romuald Meyer, head of the Association Board.

Translation: Magda Moran and Sean Moran

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