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Coding festival for children and adults | University of Gdańsk | Uniwersytet Gdański

Coding festival for children and adults

More than a dozen free training sessions, workshops, thematic paths and meetings with representatives from IT and new technologies await participants in CodeWeek in STARTER – a series of October events held at the Gdansk STARTER Business Incubator as part of a European initiative to promote the study of coding. It’s a chance for those looking for ways to gain new job competencies and to change their profession.  

Enrolment for CodeWeek in STARTER is now under way at codeweek.inkubatorstarter.pl, with a series of events aimed at adults (as well as children and teenagers) to teach the basics of coding.  

The week of meetings, starting on Saturday, 10 October, will begin with construction workshops and the Sunday Scratch for children and their parents. There will be no shortage of interesting guests and inspiring talks to be held during the Monday breakfast with business, the Creative Morning. On Tuesday participants will be invited to take part in a conference on the subject of, among others, the Internet of Things (IoT) – one of the most important trends of recent years. The following two days, Wednesday and Thursday, will host introductory workshops for the weekend hackathon with four parallel thematic paths - Hack3city, which will also end the European coding celebrations at  STARTER. During the two-day marathon, fans of new technologies divided into small teams will work on tasks and build prototypes and programmes with applications in business.   

“Once again STARTER has become involved in one of the largest international initiatives which brings together individuals wishing to learn new technologies. CodeWeek is a chance to test yourself in completely new fields, gain valuable knowledge, meet interesting people and renowned experts and acquire qualifications demanded by the job market. All you need to do is enrol in the event”, says Marcin Młyński from the  Gdańsk STARTER Business Incubator.

Anyone can participate in the STARTER CodeWeek, irrespective of the level of programming skills. Participation is free but, due to great interest in the event, in the case of Hack3city, a returnable deposit of 50 zl is required. Details and enrolment at:   www.codeweek.inkubatorstarter.pl.


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