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Legal Education Days

Between 16 - 18 November 2015 the UG’s Faculty of Law and Administration is hosting the 19th Legal Education Days event. The project has been held annually since 1997 by the European Law Students’ Association ELSA Poland in 16 cities across the country.

The Legal Education Days is an educational endeavour with ELSA members showing students ways in which they can improve or educate themselves, as well as various directions for future professional careers.

The event is also a chance to present the most recent trends in the development of law or to discover the possible applications of sociology, rhetoric, psychology or economics in the legal profession.

Addressees and aims:

The event is aimed at students who face choices concerning their study or future careers. The aim is to present the reality which they will encounter after they graduate in law and to help them acquire and develop the skills required during their studies or in their future professional life.

To meet those aims, the organisers invite representatives of the legal professions to talk about their jobs, chances of employment and the perspectives which the completion of a particular legal apprenticeship or the selection of another career path might bring. They also organise diverse workshops and training sessions run by experts to enhance students’ practical skills.

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