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More than 2M zł in research for the Faculty of Languages

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has released the results of the Development and Internationalisation modules of the National Programme for the Development of the Humanities. Amongst the winners are six professors from the University of Gdańsk.

Five of them work at the Institute of Polish Philology and one at the Institute of Eastern-Slavic Philology. They are:

Prof UG, Dr hab. Monika Rzeczycka, who received over a million złoty for research into Polish Culture against Western Esoteric Philosophy between 1890-1939 – funding:1 122 365 zł

Prof Dr hab. Małgorzata Czermińska, professor  emerita from the Institute of Polish Philology at the Faculty of Languages received funding for the translation into English and publication by Peter Lang Academic Publishers (Frankfurt am Main) of her excellent book, which is a classic and compulsory reading for all students of Polish with an interest in the theoretical aspects of autobiography, entitled Autobiograficzny trójkąt: świadectwo, wyznanie i wyzwanie. The translator of the book has been confirmed as Prof. UG, Dr hab. Jean Ward from the Institute of English and American Studies – funding  42 717 zł

Prof UG, Dr hab. Aleksandra Elżbieta Ubertowska for the project The Ecopoetics of Historical Catastrophe and Conflict in 20th and 21st century Polish Literature: A Comparative Perspective – funding  256 205 zł

Prof UG, Dr hab. Grażyna Bożena Tomaszewska for the project  Postmodern Polish Didactics: Theory and Practice – funding 470 725 zł

Prof UG, Dr hab. Wojciech Rafał Owczarski for the project Dreams of Prisoners from Auschwitz Concentration Camp - funding 397 500 zł

The total funding for academic projects at the Faculty of Languages is 2,289,512 zł.

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