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Professor Marek Gromiec member of prestigious US Academy

Professor Marek Gromiec, who lectures at the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography as part of the course Water Management and Protection of Water Resources, has been chosen by the members of the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni at the University of Texas. The ceremony took place in Austin, capital of the State of Texas, at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center. The professor graduated from the University of Texas, one of the leading research centres in the USA, where he completed his studies in Environmental Engineering and later worked as a visiting professor. He is also the first Pole to be honoured with membership in this prestigious, 125-member American academy.

At home, he graduated from the Department of Sanitary and Water Engineering at the Technical University of Warsaw, where he currently, apart from his teaching activities, is head of the Consultative Council of the Faculty of Building Installations, Hydrotechnology and Environmental Engineering. He is also a lecturer at the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw and advisor and expert in many organisations, both at home and abroad, concerning water management and environmental engineering, including the National Council for Water Management and the Water Management Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and an expert on issues relating to water management for the Environmental Commission of the 9th term Senate.  

Congratulations, Professor!

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