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The course ‘Taxes and Tax Consultancy’ a Leader in Quality Education

On 16th March 2016, the Grand Finale Gala of the first All-Poland Accreditation Programme ‘Studies with a Future’, organised  by the Foundation for the Development of Schooling and Higher Education and the PRC Public Relations Agency, took place in the Ballroom of Warsaw University’s Tyszkiewicz–Potocki Palace.

In the course of the gala, a ‘Studies with a Future’ certificate was presented to the Taxes and Tax Consultancy BA and MA course, which is conducted jointly by the University of Gdańsk’s Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Law and Administration. In addition, the course’s  MA studies were awarded the exceptional certificate ‘Leader in Quality Education’. The awards were accepted by Dr Angelika Kędzierska-Szczepaniak from the Faculty of Management and Dr Przemysław Panfil from the Faculty of Law and Administration.

The certificates are awarded to courses which are conducted according to the latest and most innovative educational programmes and which are well-suited to the needs of the labour market, as well as being in line with the expectations of the socio-economic world.

The decision to award is decided by a committee composed of outstanding scientists specialising in issues related to the quality of education and the management of higher education.

The ‘Studies with a Future’ award is given as a sign of recognition to courses of study based on three keystones – the endeavour to transmit the latest, up-to-the-minute knowledge, the creation of the social ability and competence sought by employers and investment in the highest quality of education.

At the gala finale, a certificate was given to 0.5% of all educational courses at Polish universities.

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