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Admissions to the University of Gdańsk – the most popular courses

Admissions to the University of Gdańsk – the most popular courses


The University of Gdańsk has ceased admissions for the most popular full-time BA and MA courses of study. Admission still continues for full-time MA courses and extramural studies.

The most popular full-time first-cycle studies and long-cycle MA studies include Scandinavian Studies, Criminology, Psychology, English Philology, Artistic Institution Management (managerial speciality) and Iberian Studies. ‘Hard’ courses such as Biotechnology and Information Technology are also top of the ranking list.

For the academic year 2016/2017 the University of Gdańsk offers 74 courses of study with 220 specialities. There is a new course on offer – Business Chemistry (full-time, first-cycle B. Eng. studies) as well as two new specialities for which direct applications are now being accepted: Natural Language Processing in English Philology (full-time, second-cycle studies) and Psycho-sexology in Psychology (full-time and extramural long-cycle MA studies).

In the new academic year 2016/2017 the University of Gdańsk is planning to admit over 18,000 students into first year:

11,345 – into full-time first- and second-cycle studies

6,736 – into extramural first- and second-cycle studies

The following courses of study have enjoyed the greatest popularity during this year’s admissions (the data concerns full-time first-cycle studies and long-cycle MA studies only, as of 25 July 2016):

1.      Scandinavian Studies – 10.27

2.      Criminology – 9.31

3.      Psychology,  long-cycle MA studies – 8.80

4.      English Philology – 8.69

5.      Artistic Institution Management (managerial speciality) – 7.53

6.      Iberian Studies– 7.06

7.      Sinology – 6.83

8.      Psychosexology (in Psychology, long-cycle MA studies) – 6.08

9.      Neurobiopsychology (in Psychology, long-cycle MA studies) – 5.88

10.   Law, long-cycle MA studies – 5.55

11.   Taxes and Tax Consulting – 5.48


More than 4 candidates for each place for:

12.   Journalism and Social Communication – 4.94

13.   Finance and Accountancy – 4.69

14.   Biotechnology – 4.63

15.   National Security – 4.56

16.   Film and Audio-visual Culture – 4.52

17.   American Studies – 4.34

18.   Information Technology – 4.07


Additional or extended admission dates have been announced for some full-time courses of study (procedural time limits, in both cases concerning the possibility of being accepted for studies). The dates on which lists of candidates accepted for particular courses of study are due to be announced can be found at:

Additional admission dates are also regularly updated at the above address.

All necessary information concerning the admissions procedure can be found at the UG’s internet site:

Candidates can also obtain information as to admissions regulations at the UG’s Admissions Office:

ul. Bażyńskiego 8 (New Rector’s Office)

80-309 Gdańsk

Rooms: 228 and 230

Phone numbers: +48 58 52 32 326, 58 52 32 328, 58 52 32 332, 58 52 32 531, 58 52 32 532


Complied by Dr Beata Czechowska-Derkacz, University of Gdańsk press spokeswoman

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