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Inaugural meeting of the InnoAquaTech programme as part of the INTERREG South Baltic Programme

The project entitled “Cross-border development and transfer of innovative and sustainable aquaculture technologies in the South Baltic area (acronym: InnoAquaTech)”, part of the INTERREG South Baltic Programme, brought together 20 representatives of partners and associated partners from the area of research, technology and development (including main partner BioCon Valley GmbH) from four countries of the South Baltic Region at an inaugural seminar held in Rostock.

On 20 and 21 October 2016 twenty participants from seven partner organisations, as well as a representative of the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg South Baltic Programme in Gdańsk, met for the first time at the InnoAquaTech inaugural seminar held at the Department of Aquaculture and Sea-Ranching of the University of Rostock to discuss the projects’ goals and action plan.

Obtaining protein from aquaculture has been identified as the activity with the greatest growth potential in the decades to come. The aim of the InnoAquaTech project is therefore to assess the potential for the implementation of various innovative aquaculture technologies with a view to increasing and optimising the sustainable production of protein from aquatic organisms in the South Baltic region.

A further aim is to strengthen dialogue with the region’s small and medium-sized aquaculture companies on the topic of innovative production methods, with particular focus on the development of closed system aquaculture, so-called RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems).

The project’s main outcome will consist of an analysis of technologies and local possibilities for adaptation in the South Baltic region; the creation of an internet tool for supporting investors’ decisions; a business plan for the creation of an aquaculture association in the South Baltic region; instruction for financial support and possibilities for innovative solutions for small and medium-sized companies, as well as four regional pilot studies.

The four pilot studies will comprise feasibility reports concerning aquaponic systems in Germany and Denmark, an assessment of potential production of crustaceans in aquaculture in a closed system (RAS) in Poland, and a prototype and feasibility study of prawn farming in geothermal aquaculture in a closed system (RAS) in Lithuania.

The project is financed from INTERREG South Baltic Programme funds and will operate between 1 July 2016 and the end of June 2019. The total budget is set at 1,677,126 euros.


  • BioCon Valley GmbH (main partner) (DE)
  • University of Rostock, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (DE)
  • Danish Technological Institute (Div. AgroTech) (DK)
  • Maritime Institute in Gdańsk (PL)
  • University of Gdańsk (PL)
  • National Marine Fisheries Research Institute (PL)
  • Public Institution Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (LT). 

Associated partners:

Pomerania Development Agency (Gdańsk, Poland); Garnelen Farm Grevesmühlen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany); Hanseatic Environmental CAM GmbH (Germany); Institute of Marine Biotechnology e.V. (Germany); Economic Development Corporation Vorpommern (Germany); Polish Trout Breeders Association (Lębork, Poland); “Alternative Aquaculture” Association (Lithuania); JSC Geoterma (Lithuania); JSC LETEKA (Lithuania); Agro Business Park (Denmark); Atrinova Business Development (Sweden); Vattenbrukscentrum Ost (Sweden); Landwirtschaftsministerium MV (Germany). 


Partners of the InnoAquaTech project at the Department of Aquaculture of the University of Rostock
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