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New face of the "Life in the Amber Forest”

New face of the "Life in the Amber Forest”

Maintenance and modernisation work on the educational exhibition "Life in the Amber Forest” has just been completed.

The walls have gained more greenery, the floor is now covered in grass and the display cases with amber inclusions have been modified. The shelf with amber “for the touch” has now been completely changed. The lighting has been changed to lamps based on light-emitting diodes (LED), elements of the diorama have been repaired and supplemented, and the walls refreshed.

Visitors welcome!

The exhibition is open from Monday to Sunday between 08.00-18.00.

Admission free.

"Life in the Amber Forest” is a permanent educational exhibition devoted to amber and amber inclusions which for the past 18 years have constituted the subject of research of the Laboratory of Amber Inclusions at the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Parasitology of the University of Gdańsk. The exhibition, financed by the European Regional Development Fund and opened in August 2013, is a compendium of knowledge about amber, presenting its genesis, history, beauty and scientific value.  

The exhibition’s centrepiece is a diorama – the first 1:1 scale three-dimensional model of an amber forest in Poland. The exhibition tells the history of amber, from the liquid resin which forms all sorts of traps for animals and plants, to inclusions – amber-encased testimonies to what happened over 40 million years ago in an Eocene forest. Specially prepared display cases present 41 animal inclusions. What is more, the exhibition presents plant inclusions and lumps of raw polished Baltic amber which display the wealth of colour of this “Baltic gold”. The collection of fossil resin from many places in the world, 230-million Triassic resin being the oldest, is an interesting element of the exhibition.

More information in PDF format (in Polish and English). 


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