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Three UG victories in NCN competition (Maestro, Harmonia, Sonata)

The coordinators of the Disciplines of the National Science Centre (NCN) have released the list of projects which qualify for funding as part of the competitions announced by the NCN on 15 June 2016:

  • MAESTRO 8 – for research projects by experienced academic staff aimed at pioneering research (including interdisciplinary) vital for the development of science and expanding on current knowledge, and which may result in scientific discovery;
  • HARMONIA 8 – for research projects carried out as part of international cooperation, and which are not receiving foreign co-funding;
  • SONATA BIS 6 – for research projects designed to establish a new research team, and carried out by people with an academic degree or title, who received a PhD within a period of between 2 and 12 years prior to applying.

The following projects from the UG have qualified:



Position in list

Project title



UG Faculty

Sum allotted




Modern Numerical Methods in Quantum Mechanics

Dr Karolina Kropielnicka

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

140 400 zł




Pair Empathy as a Predictor of Responsivity to a Child Crying in Situations Activating the Parental Role: The Mediating Role of Oxytocin and Vasopressin (HEART model)

Dr hab. Maria Dorota Kaźmierczak

Faculty of Social Sciences

1 132 223 zł




Conceptual, Formal and Practical Aspects of the Use of Probabilistic Tools in Criminology and Law.


Dr hab. Rafał Urbaniak

Faculty of Social Sciences

830 050 zł


In addition, funds were also awarded to a project led by Dr hab. Anna Joanna Żaczek from the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG and MUG entitled Participation of the Microenvironment of a Tumor in the Regulation of Scattered Phenotypes in Breast Cancer Cells in Vitro, in Vivo and Clinical Material Research. Funds were awarded to the value of 1 552 070 zł as part of the SONATA BIS. 


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