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UG in Webometrics Ranking of World Universities 2017

In the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities 2017, prepared by the Spanish company Cybermetrics Lab, the University of Gdańsk occupies 1164th place, at the same time 14th place amongst Polish universities and 1st in Pomerania.

Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas) – the Spanish National Research Council based in Madrid. The ranking focuses mainly on a given university’s communication via the Internet. It does not therefore analyse scientific achievement but tends to be based on material made available on the Internet by particular universities.

The points under consideration include, amongst others the university’s impact i.e. how often other sites direct users to content at the university’s site; presence i.e. the number of sub-sites within a university’s domain; openness i.e. the number of documents (e.g. doc, pdf) available on the site, as well as excellence, for instance, the university’s participation in the most often cited scientific publications. The creators of the ranking reserve the right to alter the assessment criteria in subsequent editions.

The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities was officially launched in 2004 and is performed every six months. The aim is to promote the activity of the academic network and to support Open Access initiatives in order to transfer knowledge generated at universities to society in general. 


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