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“Innovative Aquaculture” Seminar | University of Gdańsk | Uniwersytet Gdański

“Innovative Aquaculture” Seminar

On 29 March 2017 the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdańsk hosted a seminar entitled “Innowacyjna Akwakultura” (“Innovative Aquaculture”), organised as part of the InnoAquaTech project “Cross-border development and transfer of innovative and sustainable aquaculture technologies in the South Baltic area”, financed from EU funds as part of the INTERREG South Baltic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.

The aim of the seminar was to present the possibilities for the South Baltic area resulting from innovative solutions in aquaculture. Speakers included guests from Germany, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland, partners of the InnoAquaTech project, representing private enterprises and public research institutions, as well as external experts. The event was also attended by representatives of the university and faculty authorities, Prof. Dr hab. Krzysztof Bielawski, Vice-Rector for Development, and Dr hab. Waldemar Surosz, associate professor, Dean of the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography.

At the seminar, the principles and structure of the InnoAquaTech project were presented by BioCon Valley (Germany), coordinator of the project, alongside pilot studies by the partners Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (Lithuania), University of Gdańsk, National Marine Fisheries Research Institute, University of Rostock (Germany) and Danish Technological Institute (Denmark). Pilot studies by project partners focus on state-of-the-art technological solutions regarding the aquaculture sector, including the introduction of new species of crustaceans into aquaculture via recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), using geothermal energy in crustacean farming, the development of aquaponic systems using microalgae. More information on the pilot studies and other project activities is available at: https://www.submariner-network.eu/projects/innoaquatech.

In addition, experts from outside the InnoAquaTech project, specialists in aquaculture from Poland and Germany, presented their experiences in modern farming with RAS systems. Participants in the seminar were also able to learn about the potential in mussel and shrimp farming, and also about Polish market trends concerning crustaceans and future chances for development in this market. The seminar also featured the educational approach as well as a presentation of the possibilities of cooperation as part of the South Baltic Programme and the SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth.

The seminar was also the first such training event aimed at external stakeholders. It was attended by 75 participants ─ breeders, representatives of private companies, governmental agencies, trade associations, higher education institutions and research or trade institutes.

The seminar also provided a chance to become acquainted with new technologies and solutions in aquaculture and to establish partner contact and cooperation concerning the implementation of further stages of the InnoAquaTech project as well as other enterprises.

The results of questionnaires in which the organisers asked about interest in the subject and possible participation in future training events point to great interest in modern technologies and new solutions used in the farming of aquatic organisms.

We would like to thank all the speakers and participants in the seminar for taking part and the Polish Trout Breeders Association for co-organising the event. Further training events are being considered during the implementation of the InnoAquaTech project.

UG Contact:

Project site: https://www.submariner-network.eu/projects/innoaquatech

Project partners:

  • BioCon Valley GmbH (main partner) (Germany)
  • University of Rostock, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Germany)
  • Danish Technological Institute (Div. AgroTech) (Denmark)
  • Maritime Institute in Gdańsk (Poland)
  • University of Gdańsk (Poland)
  • National Marine Fisheries Research Institute (Poland)
  • Public Institution Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (Lithuania). 

Associated partners:

Pomerania Development Agency (Gdańsk, Poland); Garnelen Farm Grevesmühlen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany); Hanseatic Environmental CAM GmbH (Germany); Institute of Marine Biotechnology e.V. (Germany); Economic Development Corporation Vorpommern (Germany); Polish Trout Breeders Association (Lębork, Poland); “Alternative Aquaculture” Association (Lithuania); JSC Geoterma (Lithuania); JSC LETEKA (Lithuania); Agro Business Park (Denmark); Atrinova Business Development (Sweden); Vattenbrukscentrum Ost (Sweden); Landwirtschaftsministerium MV (Germany).


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