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Announcement for UG Students and Doctoral Students

Following a motion by the UG Students’ Parliament and the UG Doctorate Students’ Council, the Authorities of the University of Gdańsk have introduced changes with regard to the entry of students and doctoral students into the Baltic Campus of the University of Gdańsk in Gdańsk Oliwa and a waiver of the one-off fee for issuing an ID card.

The above change concerns expanding the category of car owners from whom students and doctoral students may be borrowing vehicles authorised to enter the Campus, and equipping the parking system with a student and doctoral student ID scanner to allow the waiving of the issue fee for an entry ID card.

As of 01.10.2017, entry into the Campus will be possible on the basis of a valid student or doctoral student ID card, subject to prior completion of an application form.

The above regulations concern students and doctoral students of faculties located on the Baltic Campus of the University of Gdańsk in Gdańsk Oliwa. To obtain authorisation to enter Campus grounds, students and doctoral students from outside the Campus should possess a valid certificate from the appropriate Dean’s office confirming attendance at classes conducted on the Baltic Campus.

We also wish to state that all fees incurred by students and doctoral students towards the issue of an ID card will be reimbursed. The reimbursement procedure will be presented at a later date.

Conditions for the registration of a student ID and for submitting applications will be presented in a separate announcement.

For all other users of the parking system, conditions of access remain unchanged, the only change being the date (01.10.2017) on which the parking system will be activated.


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