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Students get to know Alchemia’s IT sector

The IT industry has been enjoying rapid development over a number of years, with companies which operate in this sector in Poland offering employment to tens of thousands of people. The market is witnessing the emergence of academies prepared to teach the basics of programming over a period of several months. The IT industry is greatly diversified and offers many chances for development, which University of Gdańsk students from the Faculties of Economics, Management or Mathematics, Physics and Informatics could experience for themselves during workshops organised for them by the company Torus. The students visited three companies based in the Alchemia building, getting to know their specific character, work environment and of course the offices themselves.

The students first visited Luxoft, a technological giant with its main headquarters in Switzerland and several offices in Poland, including the one in the Argon building in Gdańsk. The company is an outstanding employer in Poland, for which it has received numerous awards. The second company visited was the Wirtualna Polska Group, a Polish media giant with its IT based in the Argon building. The visitors were particularly impressed by the company’s young and dynamic staff. The last visit was at the office of Dynatrace, a world leader in application performance management, based at the Platinum building, the first in the Alchemia complex. Next year the meetings between students and the companies based in Alchemia will be expanded by further industries and entities.

The project is being implemented in partnership with the Gdańsk City Hall as part of the Study in Gdańsk project. 

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