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TEAM for Prof. Jarosław Marszałek

The Foundation for Polish Science has announced the results of the competitions as part of the TEAM programme. The fourth TEAM competition received 47 applications, out of which 11 projects will be granted funding to a total value of nearly 37 mln PLN. Among these is the project “Cykl wiązania substratu przez białka opiekuńcze Hsp70/J: molekularne mechanizmy i funkcjonalne konsekwencje” (“Hsp70/J-protein chaperones substrate binding cycle: molecular mechanisms and functional consequences”), headed by Prof. Dr hab. Jarosław Marszałek, which received 3,456,130 PLN in funding.

Grant recipients will conduct their projects in cooperation with a total of twenty-three foreign and six Polish research partners, as well as three Polish business partners. Foundation for Polish Science funds will finance fifty workplaces for researchers employed in the projects, and over fifty scholarships for young researchers (students and doctoral students) involved in the implementation of research work.

Full list of TEAM grant recipients (competition 4/2017).

Funding in the TEAM programmes was granted for a period of three years, with an option of extension by another two. Winners were selected by means of a three-tier assessment conducted by foreign reviewers and experts in two panels ─ research and economic and interdisciplinary.

About TEAM (competition 4/2017)


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