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Two projects to be implemented at the UG as part of the GOSPOSTRATEG Programme

The National Centre for Research and Development has announced the results of the 1st competition for open projects as part of the GOSPOSTRATEG Strategic Programme (Poland’s Social and Economic Development in the Conditions of Globalising Markets). The list of positively assessed applications recommended for funding includes two projects in which the University of Gdańsk is a partner:

  • “An export consortium as an element of economic development policy and competitiveness” – Prof. Dr hab. Ewa Oziewicz, Faculty of Economics.

The project aims to create conditions for the activation of export among small and medium enterprises through devising a strategy for the development of export consortiums in Poland and systemic solutions with regard to the policy of support for such consortiums.
The University of Gdańsk budget is 400,000 PLN.

  • “Citizens decide” ─ Dr hab. Piotr Uziębło, associate professor, Faculty of Law and Administration.

The main objective of the project is to bring about changes in the Act on the Exercise of the Legislative Initiative by Citizens, which will allow for the use of information technology in the process of collecting signatures in support of citizen projects, in addition to an information campaign aimed at popularising such projects, leading to a simplification in procedures and allowing initiators to use the assistance of public administration bodies in creating such projects.
The University of Gdańsk budget is 336,750 PLN. 


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