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“KoderJunior – Programming Masters School” Projects

Projects “KoderJunior – Programming Masters School” for Chojnice and Starogard districts to be financed from European Regional Development Fund

Both projects aim to e-activate pupils, teachers and employees of public school-oriented institutions (libraries, teacher training centres, culture centres) who possess at least basic digital competences. The implementation of these projects will increase the competences of the residents of rural and urban-rural communities i.e. areas in particular danger of digital exclusion. Schools will receive not only teaching aids in the form of educational games and robots for the study of programming but also tablets to allow them to use the games in classes. The projects’ key objective will be to ensure that teachers are equipped with the knowledge necessary to conduct lessons in classes 1 to 3 and to provide assistance in using the knowledge in practice during a series of lessons with pupils and for six months after the lessons are taught. Teachers will also learn how to use the free materials and teaching aids available on the Internet related to programming and the development of digital competences. The directors of all the schools participating in the projects will also be involved. A special seminar will present a number of programming study scenarios, didactic examples of their implementation (in a class with pupils) and good school practices on the topic. The success of the projects also depends on social support and awareness across all institutions responsible for teaching and cultural activity, therefore the employees of public teacher training centres, libraries and cultural institutions involved in social and cultural activity relating to the projects will also undergo training. These people will provide an important link in the process of disseminating information material concerning the objectives of the projects and their resulting effects. Thanks to these projects University of Gdańsk graduates in Education will be able to find employment and students will be provided with teaching practice.

The projects will be implemented in a consortium comprising the ProCultura Foundation (Leader), Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Partner) and the University of Gdańsk (Partner).

On behalf of the university, both projects (co-financed from the Digital Poland Operational Programme) are headed by Dr Małgorzata Cackowska from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The amount of project funding for the entire consortium stands at, 1,335,420 PLN and 1,583,067 PLN respectively, and 380,055 PLN and 520,060 PLN for the University of Gdańsk.

Project implementation period: 1 June 2018 – 31 August 2019. 


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