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Mayor of Gdynia distinction for Kamila Szmytkowska

Winners of the third Mayor of Gdynia Award for the best diploma on the subject of Gdynia’s economic development have been announced.

Amongst those who received their distinction is Kamila Szmytkowska (graduate in Spatial Management at the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography) for her MA thesis entitled “Polityki i praktyki zarządzania mobilnością w centrach miast. Przykład Gdyni”/“Policies and practice in managing mobility in city centres as illustrated by Gdynia”. The promotor was Dr hab. Mariusz Czepczyński, prof. UG, from the Department of Spatial Management.

Today we met the winners of the competition for the best higher education diploma regarding Gdynia and modern challenges”, said Wojciech Szczurek, Mayor of Gdynia. “They are excellent diplomas and very interesting ideas. We will certainly use them in building the future of the city but I have also invited these young authors to cooperate with us today. We need plenty of great ideas which consider the future of Gdynia in the next 20 or 30 years and these works answer this need. For this reason, we extend our congratulations and also our invitation to take up further work for the development of our city”. 


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