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Gdańsk high in Quality of Life Index

Gdańsk high in Quality of Life Index

In the international ranking Quality of Life Index 2019 the City of Gdańsk came 88th and is the best assessed Polish city. The ranking considers parameters such as safety, air pollution, cost of living and time spent on commuting to work. The quality of life in particular cities is assessed by Internet users.

The first five places have been taken by Canberra (Australia), Eindhoven (Holland), Raleigh (United States), Adelaide (Australia) and Zurich (Switzerland). The ranking is published at numbeo.com, a website established in 2009 by Mladen Adamovic.

More information and the ranking can be found at https://www.numbeo.com/quality-of-life/rankings.jsp.

The high position of Gdańsk in the ranking is certainly good news for our current and prospective students. It should be stressed that the Baltic Campus of the University of Gdańsk is the largest and most modern campus in Pomerania. The university infrastructure has been expanded in recent years mainly with the financial resources obtained from European Union programmes. The modern faculty buildings, workrooms and laboratories, equipped with the most up-to-date devices, open up new possibilities for conducting scientific research and cooperating with the economy and business, providing 21st-century conditions of study and assisting the development of employees for the administration and economy of Pomerania and the entire Baltic Sea Region. At present, work is underway to expand the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics with a new building of the Institute of Informatics and recently the Laboratory for the simulation of television recordings and film documentation was opened at the Faculty of Social Sciences. There are also plans to build a UG Sports Centre.

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