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The 10th Festival of Literature and Theatre BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY

13-19 May 2019




           One of the main aims of the Between.Pomiędzy Festival is to assist young people, especially undergraduate, doctoral and secondary school students, in their participation in culture. For this reason, we are going to dedicate some space during this year’s festival to an exchange of academic experience by undergraduate and doctoral students, amongst others through the all-Poland scientific conference WYSPA.MŁODOŚĆ (ISLAND.YOUTH), which will be held on 14-15 May 2019.

            We would like to invite students who wish to share the results of their BA or MA seminar research to take part ─ theatrologists, literary scholars and linguists as well as students involved in other branches of science, exact sciences included. Our intention is to provide young researchers with the chance to exchange ideas on a personal level and to discuss the results of their academic research. We will thus create a student laboratory of sorts in which they will also have the chance to meet more experienced researchers from Poland and abroad.

           We do not wish to limit the focus of the planned conference to Humanities only and therefore would like to extend our invitation to representatives of various fields of research. We welcome diverse and multiple interpretations of the concept of a ‘laboratory’, which incidentally forms one of the major threads of this year’s edition of the Festival. We are interested in the practical aspect of student research.

            WYSPA.MŁODOŚĆ (ISLAND.YOUTH) will occupy its own place in the 10th Festival Between.Pomiędzy, held in May this year, at a time when the work of young researchers begins to acquire a more distinct shape. The presentations, prepared in Polish or English, should take up to 15 minutes. The conference fee is 100 PLN and includes participation in the conference and selected festival events. The organisers of the conference are the Between.Pomiędzy Foundation, the Management of Artistic Institutions Scientific Circle and the Theatre Scientific Circle “Brikolaż”.

Applications, accompanied by a short description of the presentation (as well as the name and e-mail address of the academic supervisor), should be submitted by 15 March 2019 at:


On behalf of the organisers,

Ewelina Stefańska

Inez Brokos


Academic supervision:

Dr hab. Tomasz Wiśniewski, prof. UG,

Dr Katarzyna Kręglewska       


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