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Project “Electronic Oceanographic Data Centre” recommended for funding as part of the Digital Poland Operational Programme

The project “Electronic Oceanographic Data Centre” is aimed at creating an IT system to provide unified access to national oceanographic research data. 

The project’s main product is the System, which will comprise the central system, the module for seeking and obtaining metadata from external institutions and the integration of federated systems.

The project’s main objective is increasing the digital accessibility and usability of public sector information by providing digital access to oceanographic research data. The implementation of this objective will boost the social and economic potential of such data, which will in turn be of particular interest to such groups of stakeholders as general and local government, together with all the subsidiaries involved in the exploitation or protection of the Baltic. The results of the project may also interest employees of research institutions and universities as well as undergraduate and doctoral students of oceanology. Entrepreneurs operating in a number of branches, plus various organisations active in the field of environmental protection as well as a wider public (not only institutions), will also be able to enjoy the social and economic benefits connected with the implementation of the main aim of the Project.

The Project’s leading partner is the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The other partners involved in the Project are the University of Gdańsk, Maritime Institute in Gdańsk, National Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute, University of Szczecin, and the Pomeranian University in Słupsk.

On behalf of the University of Gdańsk, the Project has been prepared by a team from the Division of Physical Oceanography of the Institute of Oceanography at the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography. 

The Project’s budget amounts to circa 15 million PLN, including a UG budget of nearly 1.8 million PLN.


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