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After a four-year gap, we have the pleasure of inviting Tri-City students to another ‘Muzyczne UGięcie’ event. This is the sixth edition of a project started in 2011, in which 5 albums have been released featuring over 50 bands from the Tri-City and environs. Many of them are no longer in existence but thanks to our efforts we have preserved an archive of recordings of great importance to many participants in our project.

‘Muzyczne UGięcie’ is not just about concerts. It also involves professional recording (in previous years at the Radio Gdańsk studio), an original video clip for the most interesting participant and a statuette for the winners.  

This year we have decided to embark on an artistic experiment. We would like the 2019 album to comprise covers of artists from the interwar period, recorded in any musical arrangement, irrespective of the genre represented by your band.

Recruitment for the project has just begun! If you have a band or know of friends who would be interested, let them know! ‘Muzyczne UGięcie’ is open to new bands, sounds and music ideas! Do you play rock? Do you rap? Do you spin vinyl? Whatever it is, it is certainly worth presenting at the Alternator Music Stage!

As in previous years, the project will be divided into several parts. Concerts by the participants will gradually take place (depending on the number of applications) by June 2019 at the concert hall of the Oliwa Culture Hall (Oliwski Ratusz Kultury). During this time you will have the chance to establish cooperation with other musicians and present yourselves to a wider audience. By the end of September 2019 we are planning to finalise recordings with selected bands and by December to have organised a final concert linked to the release of the new album.

The project is open to bands with at least one Tri-city student as a member and in the case of the UG, the project’s Alma Mater, employees and graduates may also take part.


Have you made up your mind? Apply today!

Recruitment will be open until we’ve reached the limit of possible concerts.

 Do you have more questions? Write to: muzyczne.ugiecie@ug.edu.pl

The organiser of the event is the UG’s Academic Culture Centre ‘Alternator’

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