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Conclusion of AKADEMIA Fair and UG Open Days 2019

Another edition of the AKADEMIA Fair has come to an end. This year the fair drew over 60 exhibitors and nearly 10,000 visitors and offered the UG OPEN DAYS, workshops, lectures and, most importantly, informative meetings on the subject of admissions and school leaving exams.

The AKADEMIA Fair is the largest educational event in Pomerania. It is held each year on the anniversary of the founding of the University of Gdańsk and forms part of the University Day celebrations. This year the fair was held between 19-20 March in the UG Campus in Gdańsk Oliwa.

There were over 60 exhibitors from all over Poland, with as many as 14 stalls representing the University of Gdańsk. The fair was visited by nearly 10,000 visitors, mostly school-age youth from Tri-City and Pomeranian schools and their teachers. 

Almost all Tri-City higher education institutions attended the fair, as well as state and non-state schools from all over Poland and a number of post-secondary and language schools.    

The University of Gdańsk also presented its educational offer. In the academic year 2019/2020 the University will offer 80 fields of study at all levels of education, with the introduction of the following nine new fields of study being considered: Applied Informatics, Health Care Institution Management, Production of Audio-Visual Forms, Pre- and Early School Pedagogy, Insurance – Interdisciplinary Studies, Criminology and Criminal Justice (studies conducted in English), Physical Geography and Geoinformation, Socio-Economic Geography with Elements of GIS as well as part-time studies in Health Care Technology. These innovative courses answer the needs of the job market and take account of contemporary challenges. They are all interdisciplinary in character, with the study programmes being devised in cooperation with experts and prospective employers. Students are offered the chance to complete their internships in the best specialised institutions and companies. Admissions to all fields of study at the University of Gdańsk will begin on 20 June 2019.

Young people also flocked to UG faculties, which had prepared numerous attractions for the UNIVERSITY OF GDAŃSK OPEN DAYS.

As every year, the greatest attention was devoted to meetings with experts from the Regional Exam Committee on the subject of ‘matura’ exams as well as mock ‘matura’ exams (this year in Polish, Mathematics, Biology, Geography and Chemistry) but also diagnostic tests for pupils of the second class of secondary school. Great attendance was also observed during meetings and lectures, including with a psychologist Katarzyna Zapał on stress management, experts from the Regional Employment Office who offered tips on how to write a perfect CV or how to present oneself during a job interview or with Joanna Siedzińska from the Youth Office of Labour, who delivered a lecture entitled “The EURES Programme – how to avoid the dangers connected with going abroad?”.

The AKADEMIA Fair has yet again proved to be the best place to obtain reliable information before taking the decision to choose a university and a field of study. In the friendly atmosphere and the University of Gdańsk’s green surroundings the pupils could already feel like future students.

We would also like to invite you to next year’s AKADEMIA Fair, this time organised during the University of Gdańsk’s 50th jubilee.

The organiser of the AKADEMIA Fair 2019 is the University of Gdańsk in cooperation with the UG Development Foundation.

Dr Beata Czechowska-Derkacz, University of Gdańsk press officer

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