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Archaeobalt Laying Fixed Foundations for Innovative Archaeotourism – a new “green” archaeoroute in the Southern Baltic Sea Region





We kindly inform you that on the 25th of July 2018 University of Gdansk started the project “Laying fixed foundations for innovative archaeotourism – a new “green” Archaeoroute in the Southern Baltic Sea Region”. The project will last till the 24th of June 2021. The leading Partner is the University of Gdansk from Poland, and the remaining partners represent Denmark, Poland and Sweden.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund
within the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020.

The main goals of the project are both to elaborate the final protocol (strategy) and tools for Archaeotourism in SBSR and to develop the sustainable green and blue touristic archaeoroute in SBSR.

The project is addressed to visitors (tourists and inhabitants such as families, seniors and students, school groups etc.), social and touristic organisations, NGOs, cultural-educational institutions and other actors who are interested in south Baltic archaeotourism.

There are four outputs we would like to work on during the project implementation:

·         SBSR cross-border resources for sustainable archaeotourism through their history culture and nature;

·         SBSR green and blue archaeoroute as alternative for traditional tourism;

·         Pilot investment in SBSR – innovative presentation of SBSR heritage;

·         Archaeotouristic centers networks of institutions in volved.


The aim is also to create SBSR green and blue archaeotouristic route and the archaeotouristic brand.

The University of Gdansk is a leader of the whole project, focusing mainly on management, communication and dissemination. We concentrate on cooperation with different levels of government and society in the decision-making of the project, design and execution of strategies for the archaeoroute as an element of conservation of knowledge of the regional heritage, memory and identity. It will lead to a larger interest in visiting the region and the number of visitors that choose archaeotourism.


Budget: 2 009 568 € (1 587 442,40 € is provided  by  the  programme,  ERDF)


Duration time: 25.07.2018-24.07.2021


Priority Axis: Exploiting the environmental and cultural potential of the South Baltic area for the blue and green growth.


Specific Objective: Increased development of the South Baltic area’s natural and cultural heritage assets into sustainable tourist destinations.


Partners: Museum of Gdańsk, Bornholms Museum, University of Aarhus, Lund University.

Associated partners: "ZewPółnocy" Scandinavian Magazine, Baltic Tourism Health Foundation, Statybųarcheologija, UAB, B-Nord Barbara Kuczmarska-Urbaniak, Iwona Bober Interguides, STENA LINE POLSKA SP. Z O.O


Project Manager:

Waldemar Ossowski, Associated Professor

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology

Gdańsk University



Contact Persons:

Karolina Czonstke, Assistant

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology

Gdańsk University



Bartosz Świątkowski, Assistant

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology

Gdańsk University




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