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Mathematics, spec. economical mathematics

Zdjęcie Matematyka ekonomiczna
Academic year: 2017/2018

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

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Mathematical analysis, Linear algebra with geometry, Theory of probability, Statistics, Differential equations, Algebra, Topology, Functional Analysis


Algorithms and data structures, Data bases



We cooperate with the MISYS company, as well as with the Scientific Centre EXPERYMENT in Gdynia. There is the Scientific Association KOLOR and the Scientific Association of Mathematicians, which promote science among school and university students. Our students take part in a competition which involves creating materials for the interactive board Mat2Tab; they organise Mathematical League for secondary schools and participate in the Baltic Festival of Science. They also have a possibility to take part in student exchange programmes and go abroad within the ERASMUS project. We are the only higher education institution in Pomerania, which offers the possibility of undertaking doctoral studies in mathematics.


Graduates in Economic Mathematics are prepared to work as analysts of economic markets. Graduates in Financial Mathematics can work in financial institutions and apply for the positions of brokers, investment advisers or actuaries. Graduates in Applied Mathematics are prepared to work as IT specialists, who also have solid understanding of mathematics. Graduates in Theoretical Mathematics have the possibility to pursue scientific career at the University.

Acceptance criteria

School-leaving certificate/high-school diploma grades: foreign language - English (0.2), Mathematics (0.8).

A minimum of 12 students is required in each specialization for this course of study to take place. 

Student place limits


general student place limit*: 12



Recruitment closed


End of registration: 
10 Jul

Announcement of the list of candidates: 
13 Jul

Announcement of list of successful candidates: 
21 Apr

Where to submit documents after the list of candidates has been announced

from 3rd of July
10:00-13:00 (Mon.-Fr.)
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
ul. Wita Stwosza 57, room 137
80-308 Gdańsk
see on a detailed map
+48 58 523 25 47

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