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Medical Physics

Zdjęcie Fizyka medyczna
Academic year: 2017/2018

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

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Normal anatomy
Introduction to clinical medicine
Medical equipment
Quality control in radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine
Radiation protection


There is professional practice provided during the course after the second year, i.e. 4 weeks in state and private healthcare centres, on the basis of contracts with potential employers. Receiving a pass grade in the main subjects on the course constitutes facilitation for obtaining the required licences in the area of radiation protection. A graduate in medical physics should possess extensive knowledge in the area of physics, based on sound understanding of mathematics, as well as laboratory skills in order to fulfill the obligations of medical physicists employed in healthcare centres (in radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine departments). Laboratory classes take place in scientific-research rooms at the Faculty, equipped with
the newest equipment purchased in 2012-2013, and are conducted by academic staff from the University of Gdańsk and Gdańsk Medical University.


Graduates in Medical Physics course may undertake work, as medical physics experts, in healthcare centres, particularly in radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine laboratories, having obtained specialisation in this area.


Acceptance criteria

1. Degree diploma grade: maximum 40 points.

2. Interview: maximum 60 points.

The interview will assess candidates’ knowledge in the fields of Physics and Medical Physics from the material covered in first-cycle degree studies. Graduates of Medical Physics (first-cycle) do not have to be interviewed and are automatically awarded the maximum points (60). A candidate’s result is made up of the sum of points for his/her degree diploma grade plus those for the interview.

3. Additional criterion (in the event that the limit for the number of candidates would be exceeded because two or more candidates have the same number of points): grade-point average from previous studies.

Graduates of  Science subjects, Technical subjects, Biological Sciences, and Medical Sciences at tertiary-level institutions can apply.

A minimum of 15 students is required for this course of study to take place.

Student place limits


general student place limit*: 15



Recruitment closed


End of registration: 
12 Sep

Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna: 
13 Sep

Announcement of the list of candidates: 
14 Sep

Announcement of list of successful candidates: 
22 Sep

Where to submit documents after the list of candidates has been announced

from 3rd of July
10:00-13:00 (Mon.-Fr.)
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
ul. Wita Stwosza 57, room 301
80-308 Gdańsk
see on a detailed map
+48 58 523 22 98

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