Registration for the next vaccinne dose

Ladies and gentlemen,

on November 8th , 2021, registration of people willing to be vaccinated with another dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will begin.

Registration will be available online via https://szczepienia.ug.edu.pl/  . You can choose the date and time of vaccination. You can also change the date or cancel the vaccination via website. In case of any problems with the application / change of date, employees of the Occupational Safety and Health Protection Office will support you (phone no. +48 58 523 24 38).

Vaccinations will be carried out at the Vaccination Point of the University of Gdansk, launched on November 15th, 2021 (in cooperation with Copernicus LLC), located in the building of the former UG rector's office, street Jana Bazynskiego 1A, room 50 (at the entrance from the parking lot), from 10:00 to 13:00. In case of high interest in vaccinations, the operating hours of the point will be extended.

We invite everyone over 18  (employees, students and PhD students of the University of Gdansk and their family members) who received a previous dose of the vaccine more than 180 days ago.


Your willingness to be vaccinated at the Vaccination Point of the University of Gdansk, doesn’t limit your right to be vaccinated in other locations, closer to your home or work (the list of vaccination points is available on https://www.gov.pl/web/szczepimysie/mapa-punktow-szczepien#/  ).