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Cultural Communication - full-time Master's

Cultural Communication

Cultural Communication Master
Academic year: 2021/2022

Faculty of Languages


Cultural Communication

The Cultural Communication course, taught entirely in English, offers an interdisciplinary study programme which prepares students to analyse and understand the problems of contemporary cultures and societies.  At the BA level, the programme includes courses in linguistics, theory and history of literature in English, European and Polish literature, cultural studies and theory of communication. The MA programme offers advanced courses focusing on contemporary migrational literature in English, theories of literature, culture, language and communication, as well as the interrelations between culture, politics and economy. The practical component includes classes in advanced information technologies and courses which enable students to acquire skills necessary to devise and implement cultural and artistic projects and to manage artistic institutions functioning in a multicultural environment. In addition, students develop their advanced language skills through a rich and varied programme of courses in practical English and a chosen foreign language; students from abroad are offered a course of Polish at the elementary level.

All lectures and classes are taught by experienced lecturers and are held in modern, fully equipped classrooms and language laboratories. In addition to the study programme, students may join student societies, attend guest lectures by visiting scholars and publish their own work in student journals. They may also take part in the Erasmus + exchange programmes, visiting one of the partner universities in Spain, Germany, Sweden and Italy.



Graduates of Cultural Communication have the cultural expertise and practical skills necessary to pursue a career in arts management in international cultural and artistic institutions. They may also take up positions in international corporations, the media, local government, European Union institutions, international airlines, etc.

Acceptance criteria

Degree diploma grade – maximum 100 points*

Graduates of all courses of study at tertiary-level institutions can apply.

*Grades calculation

Student place limits

general student place limit*: 25

Necessary documents


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