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Finance and Accounting with a specialization Financial Analyst - stacjonarne I stopnia

Finance and Accounting with a specialization Financial Analyst

Zdjęcie Financial Analyst
Academic year: 2021/2022

Faculty of Management



The curriculum for speciality Financial Analyst consists of general university subjects and specific financial subjects with focus on investment process. Students will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and social competence in the following teaching modules: Economics, Quantitative Methods, Corporate Finance and Reporting, Financial Markets and Instruments, Law and Ethics, Social Sciences complemented by a selection of subjects chosen by the student according to individual interests.

The curriculum covers all topics included in CFA Program Level 1.


The study program is closely linked to the needs of business practice. Our goal is to deliver graduates, who are sought after by employers connected with the financial market, both in Poland and abroad. Our undergraduate studies within the Financial Analyst educational path allows to gain Bachelor Degree in Finance and Accounting and the knowledge needed to succeed in the first level of the prestigious CFA exam which opens the opportunities for a career in the world of finance.
Among the lecturers students will find university professors as well as practitioners of recognized professional position in the financial market. Students have the opportunity to participate in foreign exchange under the Erasmus+ program, in the activities of students’ scientific clubs, as well as internships in banks and other financial institutions.
Graduates can continue their education in the second level studies and obtain a Master degree in Finance and Accounting.



A graduate of our first level Financial Analyst studies can work for listed companies, banks, investment funds, other financial institutions and market monitoring organisations.




Acceptance criteria

School-leaving certificate/high-school diploma grades: three of the following subjects (multiplier 1/3 each) – Polish, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Geography, History, Mathematics, Computer Studies.

Recruitment procedures for a given field of study in full-time studies take into consideration the best grade in the appropriate subject in a candidate’s high-school diploma (exam). In the event of there being no such grade, condiseration will be given to the grade given on the candidate’s school-leaving certificate, multiplied by a factor of 0.6, and then by the factor prescribed for the subject within the given field of studies.


Student place limits

general student place limit*: 25

Necessary documents


Recruitment closed


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