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Informatics and Econometrics, with a specialization Business Informatics - full-time Master's

Informatics and Econometrics, with a specialization Business Informatics

business informatics
Academic year: 2021/2022

Faculty of Management



Business informatics is an academic discipline appreciated in the academic world and in business that prepares graduates to perform modern IT professions so required in the modern business. It combines knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Business, dealing with IT systems, including mobile applications, in organizations. At present all modern business organizations are operating on the basis of information technologies, which creates an extremely wide area of ​​employment opportunities for Business Informatics graduates, in the current Digital Economy era. In this context, ERP systems that comprehensively support business processes occupy a special place.

Business Informatics (BI) studies are conducted at many foreign universities. They are also called: at American universities - Management Information Systems (MIS), in German-speaking countries Wirtschaftsinformatik, and in Poland Informatyka ekonomiczna.

A characteristic feature of Business Informatics studies at the University of Gdańsk is their operation within SUA, i.e. SAP University Alliances. This means access to the SAP system software and use of the teaching resources of this consortium. Therefore, the program of these two-year studies, in each of the four semesters, includes subjects such as: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, ERP in Financial Accounting, in Logistics, Controlling and Asset Management or Production Planning. The teaching method is dominated by laboratory work in self-organizing teams based on Agile methods, especially Scrum. Students also learn other soft skills useful in business communication. These subjects naturally combine IT and economic skills. The program will be implemented by domestic and foreign lecturers. Professional practice is planned for the third semester.

The main core of studies in the Business Informatics specialization is supported by acquiring knowledge and skills in modern IT solutions, such as Information systems modeling, Business processes architecture, Requirements engineering, Design of Human Computer Interaction, Business Intelligence Systems, Big Data Systems, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Design Thinking, Cloud Computing, Innovative Business Models and elective lectures.

Business Informatics studies at University of Gdansk (in Polish) received a distinguishing mark from the Polish Accreditation Committee. For several years, students at these studies have been successful and awarded in global student IT competitions, e.g. the Student Chapter Competition of Association for Information Systems. BI studies enable students to obtain international IT certificates.


After graduating this interdisciplinary field of studies, the graduates may work as:

  • specialists of development and implementation of ERP systems, in particular SAP,
  • analysts and designers of information systems,
  • Big Data and Business Intelligence analysts,
  • architects of ERP systems,
  • Business Informatics consultants,
  • IT Project Manager,
  • ERP systems administrator.

The modern innovative knowledge economy definitely needs IT specialists. All global and European human resources forecasts indicate a growing demand for Business Informatics graduates in all business sectors.


Acceptance criteria

Degree diploma grade – maximum 100 points*

Additional criteria: GPA (in case when the number of candidates with the same diploma grade exceeds student place limit)

Graduates of all courses of study at tertiary-level institutions can apply.

*Grades calculation

Student place limits

general student place limit*: 25

Necessary documents


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