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The University of Gdańsk is among one of three universities nominated for the Elsevier Research Impact Leaders 2017 Award in the category of Humanities (alongside the University of Szczecin and the University of Rzeszów).

Elsevier has launched a project aimed at improving the global visibility of the academic achievements of Polish universities. The project includes cooperation with leading research institutions wishing to increase their chances to receive grants, gain greater worldwide recognition and improve their level of internationalisation.

Dr Marta Magdalena Moskot

The gala of the Prime Minister awards for doctoral and habilitation dissertations as well as research, scientific and technical or artistic activity was held at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland on 26 October 2017.


Mgr Marta Paszkiewicz-Gawron from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdańsk received first prize for the best poster entitled “Installations for Air Disinfection and Cleansing” in a competition organised as part of the poster session at the international conference Bioinnovation 2017. The technology presented in the poster was created as a result of cooperation between the research team headed by Prof. Dr hab. Eng. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska and the company PHU Dytrych Sp. z o.o. from Łódź.

prof. Jerzy Limon

Prof. Jerzy Limon from the Institute of English and American Studies at the UG’s Faculty of Languages and director of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre has collected a 2017-2018 European Union EFFE Award in Brussels for the Shakespeare Festival, together with Joanna Śnieżko-Misterek, coordinator of the festival. It is the only Polish event to have been honoured with this prestigious award and one of five of the best European festivals to have been recognised by the European Union.

Logo PAN

Dr Agnieszka Kłosowska from the Laboratory of Protein Biochemistry (Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG and MUG) was a prize-winner in the Gdańsk PAN competition for young scientists with the best publication of 2016 in the category biological and agricultural sciences.

The award was for her publication "Adenosine diphosphate restricts the protein remodeling activity of Hsp104 chaperone to Hsp70 assisted disaggregation”. eLIFE 2016, 5:e15159.

Pomeranian Employers

Prof. UG, Dr hab. Bogdan Banecki has won the Primum Cooperatio (Cooperation Above All) Award, given by the organisation Pracodawcy Pomorza (Pomeranian Employers) for promoting cooperation between academic and economic environments and for practical implementation of academic achievement in the economy.

statuetka ptm

Two students of Mathematics of the University of Gdańsk have received awards in the prestigious Józef Marcinkiewicz Competition :

Wacław Kulczykowski

Mgr Wacław Kulczykowski, a PhD student at the University of Gdańsk’s Faculty of History, has won the 2016 City of Gdańsk Jan Uphagen Award for Young Scientists in the category of the Humanities and Social Sciences for his “outstanding achievements in the fields of archaeology, revitalisation and recording as well as conserving the cultural antiquities of Pomerania”.

This year’s winner in the category of the Exact and Natural Sciences was Dr Eng. Adrian Bekasiewicz from the Technical University of Gdańsk.

Prof. Zajadło

Pomeranian Nobel Prize for Professor Jerzy Zajadło from the University of Gdańsk
The 2016 City of Gdańsk’s Jan Heweliusz Award for Scholarship

Forum Akademickie

Two doctorate students of the University of Gdańsk have received commendations in the 12th competition “Complicated and simple. Young scientists on their research” for a popular science article. The competition is organised by the monthly Forum Akademickie and addressed to individuals under the age of 35 ─ researchers from universities and science institutes as well as doctoral students.


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