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The University of Gdańsk has consistently been among the leading universities to obtain the largest funding for scientific research from the National Science Centre.

The National Science Centre has recently published its latest Annual Report 2017. According to the data presented, our university occupies sixth place among Polish universities and seventh among all the project beneficiaries. As a result of competitions in 2017, the UG received 27,990,000 PLN for a total of 78 qualified applications. The success rate in the competitions was 26%.

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The National Centre for Research and Development has announced the results of the 1st competition for open projects as part of the GOSPOSTRATEG Strategic Programme (Poland’s Social and Economic Development in the Conditions of Globalising Markets). The list of positively assessed applications recommended for funding includes two projects in which the University of Gdańsk is a partner:

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The project entitled “Narrow-band luminophores for light-emitting diodes in lighting and backlighting” has made it to the list of applications recommended for financing as part of the fifth call launched by the National Centre for Research and Development in conjunction with the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taipei. The project is a continuation of joint research conducted by the team led by Prof. R. S. Liu at National Taiwan University and the team led by Prof. Dr hab.

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Are substances produced by lichen able to prevent the spread of cancer cells? How will they affect healthy cells and will they not destroy the patient’s liver? A biologist from Gdańsk is going to find out.

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The project “Reconciling Europe with its Citizens through Democracy and Rule of Law” (RECONNECT) begins with the statement that the European Union (EU) and Member States are confronted with an existential crisis which concerns the whole of Europe. As a result of several consecutive crises, a growing part of society views the EU as a non-democratic and unjust political system. General trust in EU and Member State institutions is on the decline and the rising calls to shift power to the national level have been shaking the EU.

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The L'Oréal Foundation and UNESCO have announced the winners of the International Rising Talents award – 15 women who, through their scientific research, can change the world. Amongst them is a Pole, Dr Agnieszka Gajewicz from the University of Gdańsk. The awards ceremony will be held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris during Women in Science Week when the world’s eminent scientists come together to celebrate women’s contribution to the development of science.

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The University of Gdańsk was the third most active centre to register inventions at the European Patent Office in 2017. As reported by the European Patent Office, Polish patent activity was predominantly driven by research and academic centres. The very high place taken by the University of Gdańsk is the result of its extensive activity to enhance cooperation between science and the economy and thus strengthen the University’s position amongst innovation leaders. The annual EPO conference was held in Brussels on 7 March 2018.

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The Foundation for Polish Science has announced the results of the competitions as part of the TEAM programme. The fourth TEAM competition received 47 applications, out of which 11 projects will be granted funding to a total value of nearly 37 mln PLN. Among these is the project “Cykl wiązania substratu przez białka opiekuńcze Hsp70/J: molekularne mechanizmy i funkcjonalne konsekwencje” (“Hsp70/J-protein chaperones substrate binding cycle: molecular mechanisms and functional consequences”), headed by Prof. Dr hab.


The project will incorporate three universities ─ the Marino Institute of Education (Ireland), the University of Gdańsk and the Universidade do Porto (Portugal) as well as six educational establishments for children under the age of eight (kindergarten and early education level).  

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The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has announced winners of the National Programme for the Development of Humanities Uniwersalia 2.1. There are two University of Gdańsk employees amongst them:  


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