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On nihilism, the lack of spirituality, responsibility in public life, and Machiavellianism  - Machiavellianism, the Pathology of the Soul, Spirituality and Politics: Essays on Political Philosophy.

Prof. Ewa Łojkowska

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Dr hab. Ewa Łojkowska has been elected for another term as Vice-Chair of the Committee of Biotechnology at the Department of Biological and Agricultural Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences for 2015-2018. 


nature medicine

We are pleased to announce that , as part of an M.A. project,  a team including Ms Pamela Światłowska,  a student of the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG-MUG, has had  another article published in Nature Medicine.

Prof. Bogdan Nogalski

We are delighted to announce that on 20 May 2016 a ceremony to award an honorary doctorate to Prof. Dr hab. Bogdan Nogalski from the UG’s Faculty of Management was held in Gliwice. Prof.


An article by an international team of scientists, including University of Gdańsk academics, has been published in the latest issue of Science. The research indicates that the previously observed body shrinkage of one species of bird is not the result of adapting to a warmer climate but rather a shift in the hatching period in the Arctic and in the time at which the invertebrates which constitute their food are most abundant.

nature communication

Scientists from the National Quantum Information Centre in Gdańsk, in cooperation with a US scientist, have devised a system which is able to extract from seemingly random data the data which is truly and unquestionably coincidental. Their research has been published in the work “Realistic Noise-tolerant Randomness Amplification using Finite Number of Devices” in the prestigious magazine Nature Communications.


The Faculty of Biology at the University of Gdańsk together with its Partners

Cordially invites you to the sixth  

Brain Days in the Tri-City


Brain Days in the Tri-City is an annual action which takes place as part of Brain Awareness Week, which aims to spread knowledge about the brain.


Professor Marek Gromiec, who lectures at the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography as part of the course Water Management and Protection of Water Resources, has been chosen by the members of the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni at the University of Texas. The ceremony took place in Austin, capital of the State of Texas, at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center.


Professor UG, Dr hab. Michał Harciarek from the Institute of Psychology at the University of Gdańsk has been chosen to head the Psychology Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the years 2015-2018.


A team of young researchers from the Tri-City has developed an innovative method to assist in the fight against disease where antibiotics have failed.

The group of five all come from the Tri-City and none of them is older than eighteen. They have been working under Professor Michał Obuchowski from the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdańsk and the Medical University of Gdańsk.


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