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Professor Dorota Pyć – a lawyer fascinated by the sea

Faculty of Law and Administration
Prof. Dorota Pyć

What made you study Law?

I don’t remember exactly now but I think I wanted to do something serious of my own and not a nine-to-five job. Now I sometimes have a sarcastic laugh at that because basically I actually achieved the second of these. Seriously though, I made the decision to study Law in 1989. At the time I was in the fourth class at Comprehensive School no: 3 in Gdynia. It was a time of unprecedented change in Poland – a time of change in an atmosphere of novelty and with many questions. In 1990, I started studies at the UG’s Faculty of Law and Administration. A choice based both on sense and on my willingness to meet interesting people and I know now after all those years that it was, above all, important for my own development. Sometimes it happens in life that fascinations lead to unforeseen scenarios.


Prof. Dorota PyćProf. Dorota PyćProf. Dorota PyćProf. Dorota Pyć