Ilustracja: Webinar SEA EU Talent

Webinar SEA EU Talent

The University of Cadiz, within the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) and in the framework of the reSEArch-EU project, is at the forefront of the SEA-EU Talent Initiative, with which we intend to promote the…
Ilustracja: We've got it! Final evaluation results: categories up!

We've got it! Final evaluation results: categories up!

As many as 8 A categories and 13 B+ categories - such was the excellent result of the evaluation appeal process for the University of Gdańsk. - It is with great satisfaction that I have to say that during the last…

Ilustracja: Delegation of the University of Gdansk in Split

Delegation of the University of Gdansk in Split

The completion of the project's first phase and preparations for SEA-EU 2.0 are a period of intensive meetings of SEA-EU partner universities not only for administrative and scientific staff but also for rectors and…


The representatives of the University of Gdańsk visited the University of Cadiz

From November 9th until November 11th, 2022, the representatives of the University of Gdańsk visited the coordinator of the SEA-EU alliance – the University of Cadiz. The delegation…


The latest issue of the 'University Gazette'

We invite you to read the latest January issue of the University Gazette. In it, you will find several articles describing numerous charity events that took place over the Christmas period…


Meeting between the UG authorities and the ambassador of Romania

The further development of cooperation between the units of the University of Gdańsk and Romanian universities and the international exchange of students and researchers were the main…


UG students on academic superstition

Ahead of the winter exam session, we asked University of Gdańsk students if they had heard of academic superstitions. Both newcomers and experienced students shared their insights. The poll…

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SEA-EU is an alliance of 9 European and coastal universities from Gdańsk, Cadiz, Brest, Kiel, Split, Malta, Algarve, Naples oraz Bodø . Our vision is to establish a distinctly international, pluri-ethnic, multilingual and interdisciplinary European University.






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