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Why study at the University of Gdansk



You are welcome to join our dynamically growing university with a 50 year-long tradition, already the largest Higher Education Institution in the Pomeranian region. We offer various education forms, including 89 fields of study and 212 specializations. We signed agreements with over 100 international partners to exchange knowledge and expertise for you to find global employment opportunities or benefit from international mobility in EU and beyond.



University of Gdansk participates in prestigious project “European University of the Seas - SEA-EU”. Along with universities from Germany, Spain, Malta, Croatia and France, creates a unique partnership of universities, focused on field studies, students exchange and creating international academic campus. Oceanography, aqua-culture, sea-born trade and other marine-related expertise is developing because Gdansk is situated at the Baltic coast. The competitive advantage of UG comes from excellent stations such as the Hel Marine Station and the Bird Migration Research Unit. UG even has a research ship called Oceanograf with the equipment that makes it a floating laboratory.



University cooperates with universities and scientific institutions from all over the world. UG has signed over 400 agreements for european and international projects. University is one of two Polish scientific institutions that established International Research Agendas: International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science and International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies, funded by Foundation for Polish Science.



University of Gdansk ranks in the Top 10 Polish universities in such fields of study as Quantum Physics, Biosciences, Business, Law and Administration, Intercultural Psychology and Education. The work of UG scientists in 35 international and 262 country research projects contribute to UG reputation in the knowledge network. The University of Gdansk is included in world-famous universities rankings such as Academic Ranking of World Universities, QS, Times Higher Education Young University Ranking.



UG offers opportunity to study and actively use most of European languages as well as Chinese. Moreover, it hosts Confucius Institute that will allow you not just to learn the language, but also dive in the rich Chinese culture. University also offers Polish language courses for foreigners willing to study in Polish in the future or work in Poland. Candidates are able to choose from variety of courses offered and take the national Polish language test.



Tuition fees start from 2600 PLN per semester, while accommodation on campus starts from just 400 PLN per month. Gdansk prices for common life products and services are 50-80% cheaper than in London, while the quality is comparable, which makes Gdansk a perfect destination if you want to save money without giving up quality of your educational path.

After first year of studies, all students can apply for scholarship on the basis of GPA achieved, which is a great opportunity to gain additional funding for living expenses.



The University has numerous modern science laboratories and hi-tech equipment such as phytotron unit, biomolecular analysis lab, isotope lab and over 70 other ones. Huge University Library offers 1.5 million physical volumes and over 3 million e-book titles. Access to 109 370 titles of scientific magazines allows for world quality research. You may participate in frequent inno-camps or hackathons, get tutoring from social entrepreneurs and help us be accredited as Ashoka U Changemakers’ Campus.



When you expect more than studying you will choose out of tens of UG student research and interest clubs. Our Career Office which is a leader among advisers in Pomeranian region, will help you to get a job, find an internship and make professional decisions. As our student you can meet the prospective employers at our special fairs. UG partners with the most innovative companies in Gdansk such as Amazon, State Street, Thomson Reuters (Markets) Europe, Sony Pictures Global Services or Coleman Research. UG campus is surrounded by business parks and growth hubs. Olivia Business Centre e.g. houses over 110 global companies and many startups.



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