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Within the framework of the Excellence Initiative "Research University at the University of Gdańsk" programme, the Visiting Professors Programme was created - a fund for co-financing of medium (5-12 weeks) and short-term (2-4 weeks) visits of outstanding scientists from abroad.

The aim of the Visiting Professors programme is the internationalisation of scientific research and teaching activities conducted at the University of Gdańsk, which builds the basis for further cooperation, including joint publications, research, academic exchange, as well as allows the improvement of language skills and makes the forms and methods of teaching more attractive to students.

Funds in the UG Visiting Professors programme are available to individuals:

  • who do not have Polish citizenship,
  • employed as a professor at a foreign university (i.e. Assistant Professor, Researcher, Associate Professor, Full Professor, Reader, or equivalent position)
  • invited to the University of Gdańsk by an academic teacher who is a supervisor of the visit.

Funding under the Programme covers remuneration and reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs of the Beneficiary. It is granted through competitions, whose schedule in a given calendar year is announced by the Rector in a separate communication. The decision on granting the funding is made by the Rector after consulting the Committee for the verification of applications.

Funds awarded under the Programme may be used to cover the costs of:

1) teaching at an hourly rate or conducting research;

2) travel;

3) accomodation.

The costs mentioned above are calculated as lump sums in the following amounts:
1) PLN 100.00 gross per hour of teaching work;
2) PLN 2,000.00/week gross (PLN 400.00/working day) research lump sum.

Other costs are lump sums for:

1) travel – based on incurred, properly documented costs, not more than



Distance (in km) as the crow flies between the place of residence and the destination

Amount per person

under 500

1 300,00 PLN

500 - 999

2 600,00 PLN

1 000 - 2 999

3 900,00 PLN

3 000 - 5 999

PLN 5,200.00

6 000 - 9 000

6 500,00 PLN

above 9 000

7 800,00 PLN

2) costs of accommodation – based on incurred, properly documented costs:

 - for short-term stays, no more than PLN 350.00 per day for one person,

- for medium-term stays no more than PLN 1000.00 per week for one person.

Accommodation in university facilities is possible.


To enter the competition, the visit supervisor must submit an application form, which can be found in the attachement below.

The completed application should be submitted in an electronic version (a scan of the signed application) by sending it to or in a paper version in the Service Section for Visiting Professors (Rector’s Office UG, 8 Bażyńskiego Street, room R207).

The professor's visit must begin in the calendar year in which the funding for the visit is awarded.

The visit is subject to reporting to the register of foreign arrivals according to the rules stipulated by the Rector's Order no. 160/R/21, par. 4. The form to apply for a visitor's stay is available in the attachments below.

Within 14 days of the end of the visit, the visit supervisor is obliged to submit a report on the completion of the visit to the Vice-Rector responsible for international cooperation. (Please see the report in the attachments)

For details of the programme , please refer to the Rector's Order No. 154/R/21 dated 18.10.2021. English version of the Order No. 154/R/21 attachment below (Decree no. 154/R/21 of the Rector of the University of Gdańsk)


Current recruitment

Recruitment for 2024


Proposals for visiting professorships to take place during 2024 may be submitted until November 30, 2023, at noon.

To enter the competition, the visit supervisor must submit an application (in the attachment below). A completed application form, in Polish or English, should be submitted in an electronic version (a scan of the signed application) by sending it to or in a paper version to the Visiting Professors Office at UG (Rektorat UG, 8 Bażyńskiego St., room R207).

Competition applications in the attachment below (Application form for the Profit Competition UG , UG Visiting Professors Competition Application Form )


Answers to frequently asked questions

  1. Can a visiting professor teach a class online?
    Yes, classes can be online.
  2. Can a visiting professor teach part-time or postgraduate courses?
    No, classes must be taught on a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course.
  3. Is there an additional pool of hours for a visiting professor?
    No, the visiting professor teaches within the hours provided by the degree programme.
  4. How to "set aside" hours for a visiting professor?
    These hours must be taken from the UG academic teacher's salary.
  5. Is there a minimum or maximum number of hours that a visiting professor must teach?
    No, there is no minimum or maximum number of hours that a visiting professor must teach.
  6. Can a person of two citizenships, including Polish, be a beneficiary of the program?
    No, a person having different citizenship, including Polish, cannot be a beneficiary of the programme.


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