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(The following text is based on informational materials supplied by the Office of the Marshall of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.)

The Pomeranian Voivodeship has a great deal to offer its inhabitants, its tourists, and its investors. The region’s strongest points are: its position of the sea, unique natural advantages, and the high quality of its natural environment (according to OECD rankings from 2014, Pomerania holds first place in Poland for the most attractive environment), thanks to which the region is seen as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the whole country. Pomerania is not just rich culture and tradition, but above all a stormy history driven by the spirit of freedom. This means that the region is known all over the world as the birthplace of Solidarity and of the changes that brought freedom to parts of Europe in the 1980s. Pomerania also has a dynamically developing and diversified economy, and it is a place that offers its citizens opportunities for the highest quality of life, education, and professional development . It is not a matter of chance, therefore,  that Pomerania is a region the inhabitants of which are so happy with their standard of living that they cannot imagine living anywhere else.


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