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The Cultural Collective

2015, May 26 - 11:33am

kulturalny kolektyw - muzyczne ugięcie

The UG Cultural Collective is a group of young, energetic, and ambitious students who are looking for challenges and new experiences. The Collective’s aim is to support individual students’ projects and to work with informal groups, research groups, cultural institutes, and similar associations.
There are two specialist units within the UG Cultural Collective: the screen printing workshop and the University Newsreel. The Screen printing workshop is somewhere where everyone who wants to can make artistic posters and prints on paper, shirts, or bags. The University Newsreel aims to educate and develop people’s film production skills. The Cultural Collective organizes workshops and lectures, and makes short art and documentary films. 


Tomasz „Dziemian” Dziemianczuk

Head of Cultural Collective UG

Contact: kk@ug.gda.pl

Office: ul. Wita Stwosza 58, room 109, 80-952 Gdańsk