Sport at the University of Gdańsk

Students can choose their sport from among: team games, fitness training, tennis, table tennis, Nordic walking, badminton, swimming, weight lifting, contemporary dance, self-defense, climbing, skating, and running. They can also go to physical therapy classes of various kinds.

Students who are especially good at sports can join the Academic Sports Association, and follow their chosen sport in one of its sections. The best can represent the University in competitions at voivodeship level (Intercollegiate Leagues, the Pomeranian University Championships, the First-Year Championships), at national level (the Polish University Championships, Polish University Cup Competitions, the AZS Polish Championships), and at international level (the European University Championships, the European Student Games). The AZS Club has for many years maintained its position among the top teams in the Polish University Championships). In the 2013/2014 Championships, it took fourth place among universities. At voivodeship level, the UG AZS took second place, beating out, among others, the Gdańsk Physical Education and Sports Academy.

AZS is divided into the following sports sections: sports aerobics, badminton, men’s and women’s futsal, judo, basketball, light athletics, skiing, soccer. women’s and men’s handball, swimming, women’s and men’s volleyball, snowboarding, powerlifting, dancing, table tennis, clay-court tennis, sailing, and climbing. In academic year 2014/2015, the rowing section will be revived, and a mountain biking section created. The club has some really high-powered sections – men’s futsal (extra class) and women’s basketball (I Division).

AZS is open to people who do not actively do sports but who have organizational talents. They can help to organize events like the Polish University Championships (in recent years the Gdańsk AZS has organized these in handball, beach volleyball, judo, and table tennis), sports festivals, and friendly competitions.

         Every year, along with the Physical Education and Sports Section, the Gdańsk AZS organizes the UG Inter-Faculty Championships in ten disciplines. The traditional May race for the UG Rector’s Cup is always very popular, as are the UG Sports Days.

In addition, the AZS and the PE and Sports Section organize summer and winter training camps and tennis courses. During vacations, students can have a great time at sailing camps on the Mazurian Lakes. In winter, we run ski-training camps in Poland (Białka Tarzańska) and abroad (Italy, France).

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