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IRK - Step by Step

2018, May 16 - 8:37am


Register on-line at

1. Create your individual registration account.

2. Complete your personal and contact details, including address, number of your ID (passport, identity card), etc.



Sign into your personal account by using your e-mail address.

1.  Complete your educational details.

Complete your educational details, including type of diploma entitling you to undertake studies, date of issue, name of your school, etc.

2. Choose and register for the fields of study you would like to apply for.

PLEASE contact the Recruitment Office to re-calculate the results obtained on your diploma on a Polish grading scale - no later than 3 working days before the end of registration for the given field of study!

3. Pay the recruitment fee.

A recruitment fee of 85 PLN; is charged for every field of study that you apply for. If you make the payment in Poland, use the bank account number given in your individual registration account (the "Płatności" [Payments] button). Each candidate is provided with an individual bank account number. It is possible to print out a payment form available in your individual registration account to make the payment at a bank or a post office. The payment deadline is the last day of registration for a chosen program.

Remember, if you do not pay the application fee on time, you will not be able to take part in the recruitment procedure. It takes around 2-3 days to see at your personal IRK account that we have received the money.


Participate in the recruitment procedure.

Detailed information on the recruitment procedure is available at:

Fields of study

or via email correspondence with the Recruitment Office -



Check recruitment results.

Candidates receive the recruitment results on their individual registration accounts in the IRK System.


Submit required documents.

PLEASE NOTE that you must submit all the required documents directly to the appropriate faculty or institute within seven calendar days after the list of candidates has been published.