Faculty of Chemistry

Collaboration opportunities

Due to a broad capability of the staff members of Faculty of Chemistry we are pleased to offer our expertise in the following fields:

Chemistry, biochemistry, and biotechnology

  • synthesis of peptides and peptidomimetics with potential biological activity
  • studies on intermolecular interactions in biological systems
  • design and synthesis of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal chemical compounds
  • design, synthesis and purification of proteins
  • cloning and expression of genes
  • novel anti -virus and -bacteria therapies and vaccines based on genetic engineering technologies
  • cytotoxicity evaluation of chemical compounds, drugs and cosmetics using specific cell lines
  • design and optimization of molecular probes
  • investigations and theoretical modeling of acid-base processes of organic and inorganic systems
  • theoretical studies of biological systems in silico
  • diffractometric assessment of wide range of chemicals classesSee attached


Analytics and environmental protection

  • analytics of chemical pollutants
  • development of analytical methods for new emerging contaminants
  • ecotoxicity assessment of chemical compounds
  • photocatalytic technologies for contaminants removal
  • electrochemical advanced oxidation processes
  • assessment of chemicals distribution in the environment
  • sorption and mobility of contaminats in soils
  • secondary metabolites profiling of plants and insects
  • analysis of radionuclides and trace metals in the environment
  • chemometric analysis of risk assessment of chemicals and nanomaterials
  • sampling of environmental material


Available equipment and analytical possibilities

Among the available techniques and apparatus should be mentioned:

  • mass spectrometers coupled with GC and LC (due to a wide variability of ionization techniques and mass analysis modes we offer professional advises within methods development and interpretation of the results)
  • spectrometry NMR 700 MHz and 500 MHz (also coupled to LC)
  • diffractometric techniques for crystal analysis
  • fluoroluminometers for analysis of ultra trace concentrations of biomolecules
  • spectrophotometers
  • thermocyclers and incubators
  • analytical and preparative high performance liquid chromatography with various types of detection (spectrophotometric, fluorimetric, cascade diode conductivity, et al.) as well as gas chromatographs (due to a wide variability we offer professional advises within methods development and interpretation of the results)
  • thermoanalytical instrumentation
  • wide variability of electromigration techniques
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